Restoration of Baroque halls at the Blue Stone Castle for puppet theater, regional history
and creative workshops for children and youth

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Our two partners from Kultuproduktsjoner - Norway and the Academy of performing arts - Department of puppetry at the Faculty of Theatre in Bratislava will work together in two consecutive workshops. The first workshop will be oriented at a collective preparation of technical designs of simple components, parts, samples, segments of puppets typical for Norway and Slovakia and part of a small family puppet theatre. After their technical preparation, all of the designed components will be produced by local carvers and puppeteers in the newly built artistic workshop. The visitors of the museum will be later allowed to use these elements for their own creative preparation of puppets in the areas of artistic workshop. Exchange of know-how and interconnection of the two cultures will be very enriching and it will bring crucial benefits in usability and variability of puppets for both of the countries. Engagement of pedagogues, artists and students in the creative process from both of the countries will create a good platform for continuation of cooperation. The first workshop will also
be a place, where the artists will create basic ideas and scenography of the collective performance, whose rehearsal will be the content of the second workshop. The second meeting is planned for November 2023, 5 days before the final conference of the project. The effort of the partners will be represented by a puppet performance during the final conference. The results of the effort will be rated not only by the invited guests but also by the general public, for which the conference is open.

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