Restoration of Baroque halls at the Blue Stone Castle for puppet theater, regional history
and creative workshops for children and youth

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Architectural and historical research documented the following parts of the building:
  • New situations uncovered in the basement and in the premises of the 1st above-ground floor of the northern wing.
  • It was possible to uncover findings testifying to the gradual development of this part of the manor house:
        the outer façade after removing the modern cement plasters
  • The cellar space uncovered in the passage.
Overall, the research has found a significantly more complex development of the construction compared to previous knowledge. As expected, it identified the remains of a Renaissance fortification. A new finding is the gradual development of the northern wing of the manor house during the first half of the 18th century.

Modrý Kameň (Blue Stone), Northern wing 2022 1st above-ground floor

Modrý Kameň (Blue Stone), Northern wing 2022 façade

Situation in the middle basement room (0.08). After the plaster was uncovered on the north side of the middle room of the basement, the existence of the presumed window in the north wall could not be confirmed. The northern wall of the basement in this place is made of full masonry of the renaissance wall. For this reason, it is not possible to restore the presumed window.
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